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Sedation Orientation: 5 Things to Know Before Opting for Nitrous Oxide

October 8, 2022

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woman being sedated

Have you ever heard of “laughing gas”? This is also known as nitrous oxide, a mild and common form of sedation that consists of a combination of both oxygen and nitrous. Your dentist administers it through a nasal mask worn throughout your treatment. As one of the most common types of sedation dentistry, it can calm your nerves, as well as provide other benefits. Keep reading to learn five facts from your dentist about nitrous oxide!

#1. Nitrous Oxide Has Been Used for a Long Time

Nitrous oxide was first discovered in 1793 by an English scientist and has been used for the past 200 years. Over the centuries, it has become widely known as the safest and most effective form of sedation dentistry.

#2. The Nitrous Oxide Process Is Simple

Compared to other dental sedation options, nitrous oxide is administered quite quickly. It does not require any medication or fasting instructions beforehand; you receive the gas via a nasal mask at the time of your dental treatment. As you breathe normally, the anesthetic effects will begin to take effect within a few minutes. Your dentist and their team will adjust the flow of nitrous oxide throughout your procedure, so you will be relaxed the entire time.

#3. Nitrous Oxide Has Many Benefits

While nitrous oxide is commonly used to ease dental anxiety, this isn’t the only benefit. It can be recommended to those who:

  • Require extensive dental procedures in a single appointment
  • Are bothered by the sights and sounds of the dental office
  • Experience neck, head, or jaw discomfort
  • Struggle with remaining still while in the treatment chair

#4. Nitrous Oxide Can Be Easily Adjusted

Some sedation options, such as oral conscious sedation, require planning. Once it begins, the procedure is under certain time constraints. Nitrous oxide, on the other hand, is easily adjustable by your dentist. Throughout your treatment, the levels of sedation can be altered according to your needs and those of the procedure. There are no expectations or preplanning expected from you.  The sedation can be stopped at any time, which ensures your safety.

#5. Nitrous Oxide’s Effects Wear Off Easily

One of the major bonuses of nitrous oxide is you will not feel groggy or lethargic once your appointment is over. When your treatment is complete and your dentist removes your nasal mask, you will quickly begin to return to normal. You’ll be able to drive and get straight back to your normal day!

Nitrous oxide is a wonderful choice for your dental sedation needs! With these helpful facts, you can feel confident in taking the steps necessary toward a healthier smile.

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