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Dental Crowns – Terrell, TX

Improving Smiles by Keeping Cavities Out

For years, patients with damaged or severely decayed teeth have received reliable protection from dental crowns. These timeless, restorative treatments not only protect from harmful bacteria and injury, but they also encourage the natural tooth to regain its strength and structure. At Texas Dentistry, we know just how important a dental crown can be to a person’s smile and overall oral health, so if you’re in need of added protection, give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Texas Dentistry for Dental Crowns?

What is a Dental Crown?

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If you have a tooth that is severely decayed or one that has a filling that is taking up too much of your natural teeth, causing it to weaken, it’s time to consider a dental crown. These small “caps” fit snugly over your regular tooth, protecting it from damage and sealing it off from potential reinfection.

They’re custom-made to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth. This ensures you have a beautifully blended smile once the crown is cemented into place.

What Are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

A dental crown

While you might think there is only one type of material that can be used to create dental crowns, you might be surprised to learn there are several options for you to choose from. Some of these include:


Should you have one of your front teeth become damaged, a ceramic dental crown will be the best choice. The reason is that since they live in a more visible area of your smile, they are designed to blend in with your regular teeth.

Porcelain-Fused to Metal

Patients who prefer greater stability can opt for a porcelain-fused to metal dental crown. Comprised of a porcelain crown, it is fused to a metal base. This allows the restoration to be much more durable.


Probably the most widely used types of crowns are made of gold alloy. Creating a strong bond, it won’t fracture or cause your natural tooth to wear down. There are some disadvantages to this type of crown, however. Because of its color and appearance, patients who would rather be more discreet about their dental work might prefer to choose a ceramic crown instead of gold.

What Are the Benefits to Dental Crowns?

Different types of dental crowns

Having a weakened tooth that is exposed to the elements is justification for a dental crown. You might think a filling is all you need, but after we examine your smile and better determine the cause for the decay and its severity, you’ll quickly understand why a dental crown is the best choice. Some of their benefits include:

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