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Orthodontics/Braces – Terrell, TX

Fixing Your Misaligned Teeth

Straighter teeth are more than just ideal for your appearance. Creating ideal spacing between teeth and fixing your jaw’s alignment provide benefits for your oral health! For one, practicing daily oral care is much easier with straight teeth. Therefore, your risk for dental disease decreases when you align your teeth properly. Regardless of your age, Texas Dentistry has Terrell orthodontics solutions that can do just that!

Why Choose Texas Dentistry for Orthodontics/Braces?

Traditional Orthodontics

Woman with braces

Without a doubt, traditional braces are an effective solution for patients who have severely crooked teeth or an uneven bite (e.g., overbite, underbite, crossbite). Brackets and wires are attached to your teeth and gently shift them into the straightest position possible. Every few weeks, you’ll need to come into our Terrell dental office to have the hardware adjusted, and we’ll check on your smile’s progress. From beginning to end, we’ll be with you through all the steps to keep your smile and your hardware protected throughout treatment for the best results.


Invisalign® Clear Braces

Hand holding Invisalign tray

If your teeth are only mildly or moderately misaligned, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign. These clear aligners allow you to undergo your orthodontic treatment without having to worry about it changing your appearance during the process or interfering with your diet. Using a series of trays, Invisalign is an easy system to follow. After wearing your aligners for about two weeks, simply switch to the next set. Every once in awhile, you’ll have an appointment with us to ensure that you’re keeping on track with your treatment plan toward a straighter smile.

Learn More About Invisalign

Invisalign® Teen

Young woman placing Invisalign tray

For teenagers who are interested in Invisalign, we recommend Invisalign Teen! These aligners resemble the general Invisalign system in every way—except they come with an additional feature to facilitate monitoring! Each aligner has blue dot indicators that eventually fade as your teenager continues to wear the trays. These blue dots can help you make sure your teen is wearing the trays for enough time every day and following their treatment plan.

Six Month Smiles®

Woman pointing to smile with Six Month Smiles braces

Orthodontic treatment can take anywhere between 12 months with Invisalign and 36 months with traditional braces. Some patients just don’t have that kind of time to get straighter results! Six Month Smiles is the perfect solution for addressing the teeth that are visible when you smile. As the name suggests, it only requires six months of treatment and uses tooth-colored hardware, including brackets and an archwire, to shift teeth discreetly. Through this treatment, you can achieve the attractive results you want in much less time than other orthodontic solutions. Our Terrell dental office is proud to offer this option to help you have a more confident smile!

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